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  Frequently Asked Questions

This page contains Frequently Asked Questions about using the MBA Tour Web site.



 How do I login?

 Go to the MBA Tour Login Page to Login.

 Why do I get the error message "The entered User Id and Password do not match our records, please re-enter."?

 You have to register with the MBA Tour to login. If you have not registered with us, go to Register for an Event to register with the MBA Tour.

 If you have registered already, then you are getting this error message because the username or password are not entered correctly. If you received your password in an email, try cutting and pasting the password from that email. Your username is the email address you used when you registered.

 Make sure that the CAPS LOCK key is not on. The password is case sensitive (has upper and lower case letters).

 Make sure that you didn't accidentally include spaces in your password. For example, "testp" and "testp " are not the same password. Check for spaces by entering your password in Notepad or some other text editor on your computer. Cut and paste just the password (being careful not to include spaces before or after your password) into the Login password field.

 I lost my password

 Click on the Forgot Password? link on the Login page and a new temporary password will be automatically emailed to you. When you receive the email, login again with the same username, using the new temporary password.

When you login with a temporary password, you will be required to change your password as a security measure.

 When I try to Login, why do I have to Change my Password?

 If you clicked on the Forgot Password? link on the Login page and you received a new temporary password by email, then you have to change the password the next time you login. This is a security measure to protect your account.

 When I try to login, the Login Page redisplays without any error messages.

 You need to allow cookies to be set to login to the MBA Tour Web site. See our Cookie FAQ for information on how to allow cookies.

 When I try to register, an error message in red says that I have already registered. What do I do?

 When you get a message like this from the MBA Tour Registration page:

We already have a Student Registration for the email address [your email address here] entered below.

If this is your email address, and you have registered with us in the past, then please sign in to our Student Registration area to edit your profile: Student Registration Sign In

If you have read the MBA Tour FAQ and followed its suggestions, and still cannot login, please contact The MBA Tour.

If this is not your email address, please correct it below and submit your registration again.

it means that at some time in the past you registered with the MBA Tour. If you did not do that, then it is possible that someone else who uses your email address did so. Either login and continue with changing your registration, or use a different email address.

 It is also possible that you mis-typed your email address. Please check the spelling, and try again.

 I can't register. There are error messages in red at the top of the page which say that I haven't filled in all of the required fields, but I have.

 If you get error messages like these:

Your submission could not be completed.
Please enter the following missing fields and submit again.
- In which city will you attend The MBA Tour event?
- EMail address

then you have not filled in all of the required fields on the registration form. The error message in red text says that you have not filled in the required fields, and those fields are listed below the red text. In this case, the user did not select the MBA Tour event that they would attend, and they did not fill in the email field.

All required fields on the form are marked with a red asterisk (*).

 I can't register. The red error message says that my email address cannot be validated.

 If you get an error message like this one:

We need a valid email address to send you your registration information. The email address
entered below cannot be validated. Check the "accept email" checkbox below to submit your registration anyway.

then we have not been able to verify that the email address you entered is a working email address. We use email to send your registration information and provide customer support, so if the email address is wrong, it will be very difficult for us to help you.

 Please check the spelling of your email address, and try again.

 If you still believe that the email address you have entered will work and email will be delivered to it, then you can check the "Check to accept this email address" checkbox next to your email address in the form:

We have not been able to confirm that this is a valid email. If it is correct, please check the box, otherwise please make the necessary corrections.

 Check to accept this email address

 I didn't receive my confirmation email.

 General Note: Since we confirm your email address at the time you register, our mail servers get very few bounced email messages. From our mail server's and your mail server's standpoint, the email was delivered. The issue becomes how can you find the email, or stop it from being blocked from delivery to your computer.

 Login to see your registration information. It's all there, and you can print it from the Web if you cannot resolve the email problems.

 Possible reasons for losing emails:

  1. Your email client on your own computer is applying spam filters and putting them in a folder you aren't seeing, or automatically deleting them.
  2. Your SMTP email server (the service which handles email for you) is blocking emails from getting to you for one of these reasons:
    - spam blocking
    - size of message blocking (some services don't let big messages through, usually caused by attachments)
    - attachment blocking (some services, e.g. GMail, don't allow .zip file attachments)
  3. Something is wrong with your office's Internet connection, and you can't connect to your email server.
  4. Your anti-virus software is blocking emails (usually they tell you, but maybe not).
  5. Your office's firewall is blocking emails.
  6. Your SMTP email server has bugs, and they're not receiving emails for Not as likely as others, but it can happen.
  7. Your DNS server is not recognizing your domain. This happens very rarely, but it sometimes happens. The email address is legitimate, but the DNS server is temporarily not recognizing your domain.

 Re-send your confirmation email to yourself by stepping through the Registration process again. Click Next and Submit for everything until you get the final Confirmation page.

 Check to see if your inbox is full. If it is full, delete some email so that you can receive new ones. After deleting email, follow the steps described above to resubmit your registration and it will re-send you your registration email.

 If you have a bulk mail or junk mail folder, check that folder for the email.  

 AOL/CompuServe users: Make sure your Mail Controls are set to receive emails from the Internet. If you have Internet email blocked, change your Mail Controls by entering the keyword Mail Controls on AOL or Compuserve. After changing your Mail Controls, follow the steps to resubmit your registration, which will re-send your registration to you.

 Wait up to 24 hours. Since we don't control your email system, your email may not arrive instantly.

 Start over

 If you have tried everything else, and you still cannot login (but you are certain you have cut and paste the right email address and password), then you can try to clear the MBA Tour information in your browser and try again. Click here to Clear Browser of Saved MBA Tour Information. This is completely safe and has no effect on other cookies or information saved in your browser for other Web sites.

 When all else fails, try one of these options to clear out bad data in your browser.

 Close all your browser windows (just minimizing them will not help). Then start your browser again and try to login. Browsers sometimes hold incorrect data in their memory that is only deleted when the browser is completely closed and restarted.

 Use another type of Browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, download Firefox and try it. Sometimes browsers save incorrect data that is very difficult to clear out. When you try another browser, you are usually starting with a clean slate.

 Turn off auto-fill and remove the MBA Tour saved password, if you have one. Close the browser and open it. Some browsers, such as Safari and some versions of Internet Explorer, aggressively save form information, and you might not be aware of what is being filled in for you.

 Clear the Browser Cache. This varies quite a bit by browser. The following are the steps for Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer: To clear your cache:
  1. On the Internet Explorer Tools menu, click Internet Options. The Internet Options box should open to the General tab.
  2. On the General tab, in the Temporary Internet Files section, click the Delete Files button. This will delete all the files that are currently stored in your cache.
  3. Click OK, and then click OK again.
  4. Click on 'Clear History' under 'History'.
  5. Click 'OK'.
  6. Close down Internet Explorer to save changes.
Tip: You can adjust your Internet Explorer settings to automatically clear the cache whenever you close Internet Explorer. Go to the Tools menu, and click Internet Options. Click the Advanced tab. In the "Settings" box, scroll down to the section labeled "Security," and click to check the box next to the "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed" option.


If you still have problems using the MBA Tour Web site, please Send us an email with a description of the problem.